The following is taken directly from
SAWS Employee Policy Handbook:

(Sec. 5 - Personnel Policies of the San Antonio Water System, Page 3)

Employee Rights Policy
Each Employee of the San Antonio Water System is entitled to fair and
equitable conditions of employment and is free to join and belong to a
union as is provided by the statute.

State Law allows for union membership for supervisory staff.  Supervisors
must not show favoritism in the conduct of their duties toward any existing
union attempting to organize.  A member of management must remain
totally impartial and not become involved in any aspect of union activity
that inhibits the performance of the assigned responsibilities of his or her

The San Antonio Water System will strictly adhere to and enforce the
Employee Rights Policy.

If you believe any supervisor is not complying with the above policy, please document
the supervisors' name, department, date, time, conversation or action and any
witnesses present.

The IBEW will address these issues in the appropriate manner as addressed in the
SAWS policy manual.

Feel free to contact the following organizers regarding any issues or questions you
may have regarding San Antonio Water System.

Brian Sada
(210) 912-3501

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