"Organizing is the number one priority of this
Brotherhood. Nothing trumps it. Nothing surpasses
Quote from International President Edwin D. Hill at the 2003 Organizing Conference in Chicago, Illinois.


  • Organizing Mission Statement

  • To assure that every worker enjoys the full benefit of IBEW representation and
    membership for a better quality of life.

  • To achieve the power to set the terms and conditions of employment of every worker
    for a better standard of living.

  • To elevate the economic, political and social standing of every worker in our
    community and society.

  • To enable the IBEW to play a positive and stabilizing role for the benefit of the industry
    participants, customers and community at large.

  • To assume a leading role in the revitalizing of the Labor Movement.

THE LAW says that YOU have the RIGHT to organize into a union of your own choice.

  • Interested in Joining the IBEW? You can now join Online by going
    to the Links listed below.
  • *NOTE* - Each link leads to a different form. You can print all 6
    forms from your computer. The first 5 forms are required to be
    filled out and signed before being considered a Member of IBEW
    Local 500. The last form is optional. FORMS CANNOT BE
    EMAILED TO LOCAL 500. All forms must include a legal
    signature for acceptance.

  • Please do not send sign-up materials to the Union Hall via
    company in-house mail. Completed sign-up materials need to be
    given to the Steward in your area or mailed to the Union Hall @
IBEW Local 500
2547 Goliad Rd.
San Antonio, Texas 78223
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Home email address:
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Application For New Membership
Form W9
Payroll Deduction Dues Authorization Card
Beneficiary Card
If you retire as a Member of IBEW Local 500 in good standing you will
remain eligible to collect the death benefit regardless of how long you live
after retirement.  
C.O.P.E. Card
Committee On Political Education (COPE) is a political fund that is used to donate monies to individuals
running for public office that we believe will support and promote Labors issues at all levels of Government.
*The monies used come from voluntary donations to the fund and does not come from dues money. This
card is optional to fill out, but highly encouraged to do so. If you do not wish to donate to this very important
fund there is no need to fill out card.*
If you would like more information about the IBEW and
Local 500 please fill out the form below and click SUBMIT.
Dues Deduction Authorization Form